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Class Rates


At The Yoga Source, memberships are the way to go! All memberships include unlimited classes, and with rates starting at $75 per month it's a value even at only one class a week.


We have four community membership levels to choose from, and one corporate level membership. They all include unlimited classes, access to members only events, and the higher level memberships include bringing guests and getting private yoga classes. Most memberships contain a tax-deductible donation component.


Drop In

As a non-profit organization, it is our goal for yoga to be accessible to everyone in the community. Payment for yoga classes is simply "pay what you can / support as you are able."


All studio classes are donation based. You may register and pay $20 through the app using your credit card, or you can pay cash, card, check or venmo at the studio. Suggested class donations are:

  • For those struggling financially and need more assistance: $0-5

  • For workers with a service level job or anyone just barely getting by: $10 

  • For workers doing a bit better but stretching is not just about muscles: $15

  • A typical yoga class in Teton Valley: $20-25

  • For those who have the means and would like to support your local studio, and help make yoga accessible for all: $40 or greater (this is a tax-deductible donation)

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