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Press & Media

Welcome! Explore the latest media coverage that capture the essence of our non-profit yoga studio. Join us as we share our vision, celebrate our community-driven mission, and showcase the transformative power of yoga in Teton Valley. Stay tuned for updates, press releases, and engaging media content that reflects the heart and soul of The Yoga Source.


Click HERE to view our latest article in the Teton Valley Magazine.

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At The Yoga Source, we are passionate about sharing our story and values with the world. We welcome interviews, features, and conversations to delve deeper into our unwavering commitment to the community and our unique non-profit model. Whether you're a journalist, influencer, or community advocate, we are open to discussions that shed light on our mission to make yoga accessible to all and create a positive impact in Teton Valley.


Our founders, Ralph Mossman and Sea Marie Biladeau, are eager to share insights into our community-driven vision, holistic well-being initiatives, and the transformative power of yoga. Connect with us to explore the narratives that define The Yoga Source's journey and our vision to have vibrant and healthy community in Teton Valley, ID.

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