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All memberships include unlimited classes, admittance to members-only events, and support our mission to provide quality yoga to the entire community.  You can purchase a membership in person at the studio, by clicking HERE to contact us, or click HERE to purchase online.

If you will be leaving for over a month, or medical issues prevent you from attending classes, your membership can be "frozen" -one time per year- until you are ready to begin again. But...memberships are the lifeblood of The Yoga Source, so please consider your financial situation, and whether you are able to support us in your absence.

Karma Level

$900/year, payable monthly as a $75 autopay. This level of membership is a very good value for a student committed to yoga. The benefit to the community is in the student’s education and their impact in the world.

Bhakti Level

$1200/year payable monthly or all at once. This level of membership is a good value for all students, and supports retaining good teachers and building the yoga community. This is a $300 tax-deductible donation.

Bhakti Seasonal or Monthly

$350 for 3 months or $125 for 1 month of unlimited classes. Payable all at once. This is a membership at the Bhakti level. Membership freezing is not an option at this level. This is a $125 (3 month) or $50 (1 month) tax-deductible donation.

Raja Level

$1600/year payable up front. This level of membership includes the opportunity to bring a guest with you to any class you are attending. It is a significant benefit to retaining and training excellent teachers and very helpful in building the yoga community.

Supporting Level

$2500/year This level of membership offers the opportunity to bring a guest with you to any class you attend, plus 4 private yoga classes per year by the instructor of your choice. It benefits the entire yoga community in Teton Valley by retaining and training excellent instructors and growing programming to make yoga accessible to all. This is a $300 tax-deductible donation.

Corporate Level

Corporate memberships may be available to companies or organizations with up to 20 employees. Each membership is $2400 for the first 2 people plus $250 per employee after that. It is a benefit for all employees and is based on the total number of employees, not just the ones who are interested in participating.  


For companies with over 20 employees, please discuss this with the Director.

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